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Browser Caching and How Reload vs Refreshing Works

I found out an interesting new thing about how browsers cache assets recently. I already knew that if you use Control+F5 in Windows or Command+Shift+r in OS X that it would clear the browser’s cache and reload the page from … Continue reading

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Fun with Ruby Enumerators

One of my favorite features in Ruby is the Enumerable module and the ability to create enumerators. For background, an enumerator in Ruby is like an iterator, it responds to the method next which returns successive elements from some container that is … Continue reading

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Cool Unix Terminal-fu

I ran into an interesting problem recently. Looking to do some analysis of the log for a Rails app I maintain, I fetched a copy from the server. Since I don’t have a log rotator running for this app, the … Continue reading

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A couple rsync problems

A couple days ago I decided to move my podcast management to my desktop from my macbook pro. Since I’m running an SSD, I don’t have much space on the mac to store 80+ GBs of podcasts. So after rsyncing … Continue reading

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Using a raw disk as a VirtualBox drive in Windows 7

The other day I was listening to episode 386 of Security Now! and learned from a listener who had written in that VirtualBox was capable of using physical disks for virtual machines and that this would work with SpinRite. Using this … Continue reading

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Unicorn Rails Ubuntu init script

Today I’ve been updating the TrustAuth project website to reflect the changes I made the last couple of months. While I was deploying, I rediscovered the terrible state of the Ubuntu init script I had been using to run Unicorn. … Continue reading

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Setting up a symbolic link for Apache in OS X Lion

Today I was fixing my OS X installation that had been wiped out before and ran across a problem that I forgot about. I store the code for the TrustAuth website in Dropbox for convenience and sym linked it to … Continue reading

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Site back up!

Well, my blog has been down for a while but I finally got it back up so that I can test out the TrustAuth WordPress plugin! Checkout for the latest information about TrustAuth.

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